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Your Personal Thank You

So much to be personally thankful for…. We are told to be positive, seek out things to appreciate, focus on the good and so on yet there are times this is easier said than done. Around the holidays it seems a bit more motivation to recognize progress and the simple treasures. To not get into the meaning of holidays nor touch on traditional subject I assure you that taking a minute to look back over the last year or more there can be an ah-ha moment just around the corner. Life moves so fast that if we don't stop and look around we may miss it. The journey that is, which can be easy to get swept away in and forget to stop and show appreciation.

An emphasis here is 'Acknowledge we do not all want the same things.' Simple, this person has different desires than that person and you different than I. Now that this concept is on the fore-front I ask, “What personal desires have you accomplished?” Those little things add up, the big things show up in unexpected ways and every single person has a list under their name. “What is yours?” When I look back at the last few years in general I can personally identify a few small details which I cherish until the end of time and would like to share. For example: I managed to support my families needs without sacrificing being there for my children. Before I committed to one of the biggest decisions of my life I doubted this goal, seriously doubted my abilities. Little did I appreciate all of the income opportunities I said yes to along the way as I do now, just merely following the next designated step. Although today I have a huge smile for how all of the pieces came together for my business, one which I will run until I leave this place. A smile which is not for others to respond to, it is one of fulfillment. One that is not made of pure happiness and joy it is a smile of strength and faith during a hard time. Those connections brought friendships and fun too! The experiences all add up, the story is laying out better than I could have imagined it. In the middle of an experience it is difficult for us to identify the importance of each puzzle piece. When I mention this, surely an experience of yours comes to mind. A personal relation. Who can you notice today that has a space in your life, a “gracious stepping stone”, a “creative puzzle piece”, a “solid rock”, a glimpse of an idea to the grander picture? A picture being defined as we go along. Better yet are you able to stand secure as the role you play with others? How do you fit in? I guarantee it is a very unique fit. Are you able to see the blessings in who you are? There is a list to be made and yes, this includes the negative aspects as well. Let me spread a new perspective on the false identification of someone who appears against your effor