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Your Personal Thank You

So much to be personally thankful for…. We are told to be positive, seek out things to appreciate, focus on the good and so on yet there are times this is easier said than done. Around the holidays it seems a bit more motivation to recognize progress and the simple treasures. To not get into the meaning of holidays nor touch on traditional subject I assure you that taking a minute to look back over the last year or more there can be an ah-ha moment just around the corner. Life moves so fast that if we don't stop and look around we may miss it. The journey that is, which can be easy to get swept away in and forget to stop and show appreciation.

An emphasis here is 'Acknowledge we do not all want the same things.' Simple, this person has different desires than that person and you different than I. Now that this concept is on the fore-front I ask, “What personal desires have you accomplished?” Those little things add up, the big things show up in unexpected ways and every single person has a list under their name. “What is yours?” When I look back at the last few years in general I can personally identify a few small details which I cherish until the end of time and would like to share. For example: I managed to support my families needs without sacrificing being there for my children. Before I committed to one of the biggest decisions of my life I doubted this goal, seriously doubted my abilities. Little did I appreciate all of the income opportunities I said yes to along the way as I do now, just merely following the next designated step. Although today I have a huge smile for how all of the pieces came together for my business, one which I will run until I leave this place. A smile which is not for others to respond to, it is one of fulfillment. One that is not made of pure happiness and joy it is a smile of strength and faith during a hard time. Those connections brought friendships and fun too! The experiences all add up, the story is laying out better than I could have imagined it. In the middle of an experience it is difficult for us to identify the importance of each puzzle piece. When I mention this, surely an experience of yours comes to mind. A personal relation. Who can you notice today that has a space in your life, a “gracious stepping stone”, a “creative puzzle piece”, a “solid rock”, a glimpse of an idea to the grander picture? A picture being defined as we go along. Better yet are you able to stand secure as the role you play with others? How do you fit in? I guarantee it is a very unique fit. Are you able to see the blessings in who you are? There is a list to be made and yes, this includes the negative aspects as well. Let me spread a new perspective on the false identification of someone who appears against your efforts.

In the middle of an experience it is difficult for us to identify the importance of each puzzle piece.

There is no force strong enough to stop your abundance! No ONE has the ability to block you from opportunities and blessings and connections because they keep coming. Anyone who is hating on you is indirectly teaching you about who you are. Processing some deep resistance within me, the realization that "my mindset rises above all" literally took me off my feet (more than once). There are always new ways to look at a situations and your personal desires deserve to be placed before some need for approval, always. Others individual approval is far less valuable than the integrity of all included and how you play a part. To sort out a situation very personal to me on the topic of abundance and prosperity I have had to shoot roots out of these feet in the middle of a battle field which left me no choice but to look at my decisions. What is being sacrificed? Will there be consequences that could harm someone else? Is there another way? Is it worth the gain? Is the benefit long lasting? This has lead to utilizing government assistance and hustling harder than ever -vs- handing my children's access to mom and home over to a job and a babysitter. This had lead to a declined marriage proposal in the middle of a restaurant from a very financially well off man with many promises -vs- choosing someone who supports my personal growth fully in any direction my passions take me and treats me kind. Choosing to share my abundance and give -vs- taking my investment and gaining a nice profit. Decisions like to sue a government entity for a bank+ amount because the opportunity is there and in my favor -vs- being thankful for what I do receive from the integrity in and unforeseen accident. Decisions like standing up for another in a difficult time (loosing a lot of time) and gaining a friend -vs- to each their own you get what you deserve and focus on what is guaranteed results for me. The debates of refusing to have time for fitness over ridden -vs- health takes on a bigger picture and I can take a break to heal. Asking myself if I need -vs- want and I am allowed to want to go after something I need for myself. After a lot of uncomfortable moments and beating myself up it happened, an epiphany. Allowing myself to recognize the true meaning of wealth includes peace of mind has had a ripple effect. This topic was a weakness in my past which has been transformed. Not easy decisions to make. These are all decisions that I have made that another person would have handled differently. I can recognize this in others, surely you can too. What is your story and experience that lead to a vision which notes priorities vary from individual to individual? Dig into your memories and see we are all dealt a different hand from the deck of endless possibilities. Settling into this concept has helped to accept the creative choices made to get where it is I am and let go of others expectations. Silly enough, if I would have made those above decisions differently the results would be different and there will still be judgments anyways. Judgment is not something you can get rid of, it is a terrain to navigate with maturity.

When I look at you the only form of a judgment I could make would be partial and without even half of the facts to back a belief. This is why two different people could be looking at the exact same person with different conclusions. It is all based off of tiny understandings from our own experiences only.

Therefore, your struggles may be in any arena and you may be having difficulty navigating negative energies around you and remaining thankful and appreciative. That attitude of gratitude can be weakened by your health, your relationship, your finances, your self esteem. If you are managing frustration and misunderstanding the true meaning of a temporary condition and I wish to say this: It is okay, no one knows your core values and priorities like you do. It is your responsibility to be intimate enough with your experiences to respect and honor your personal vision. It is okay to learn and not have all the answers.

My experiences have taught me Abundance and Prosperity can not be contained, this principle means far more than money. It means health, peace of mind, respecting myself, wealth in many forms. It means I can decline an opportunity and gain far more more wealth of a longer lasting nature, I can position myself to be a channel of Abundance for others and not loose anything. There is no limit, there is only boundaries and redirection. Prosperity has no agenda, it listens and responds to the demand. Opportunities come in abundance to an open mind. In short, underneath all of these exterior images are challenges which no one may understand besides you. The only person who has earned the right to judge you, IS YOU! The only opinion that matters in the long run is the little voice inside, and then thank you negativity for reminding me what I stand for. It is called respect because we know what those ungrateful thoughts lead to and all of the power they hold and instead we choose to manage our focus with acceptance for exactly what it is, opportunity to grow. Let the doubt roll off your shoulders like a cape falling to the ground. Be thankful for what you know about your life. Right now in this moment you read, this is the time to appreciate the answers you personally are seeking and receiving. This I do know, you are learning just as I. Appreciate your experiences and the wisdom gained. Take time to consider … How does your lifestyle represent your accomplishments? Where IS your wealth? Big or small, celebrate them all. Every single detail.

The only person who has earned the right to judge you, IS YOU! Judge with passion and direction releasing others expectations and allow appreciation of a custom experience through.

As the season of appreciation rises to the fore-front exactly how do you process some of the more difficult decisions made? This question is meant to release the emphasis on materialism and place the focus on relationships. Stuff without peace is stress. How have you shown character and personality true to you recently? Before the material result, before the indication of praise, before the gift, before the check, before the hug, before the remark.... before all of the manifestations comes a decision. Materials come and go, relationships are always changing yet your commitment to yourself is here to stay. It doesn't matter if I am wearing a-buck-a-bag sale clothes or this Gucci and Prada. Doesn't matter if you have make-up on or am bare skinned. It doesn't matter if we have only one friend or hundreds. It doesn't matter if we rent or own 6 homes. It doesn't matter if we have no vehicle or a brand new financed vehicle, there are priorities and values backing each appearance/image/ego. Doesn't matter what you look around and see as some sort of a comparison facade, trust me you do not have all the facts and when you do learn more it will all change. Underneath the surface is a dynamic worth a deep appreciation. Self-approval for who you are from the source. Acceptance for individual journeys. Question your peace of mind as I say thank you …

Thank you every single person for being you and staying true to yourself. For standing up for yourself, for loving yourself, for choosing you, for showing yourself and the creative expressions you have. Thank you for teaching me, showing me, getting to know me, loving and hating me. Thank you for not submitting, for not caving, for not telling a lie

, for not telling me what I want to hear and shedding some insight instead. Thank you for being you better than anyone else can. The reminder of our connected-ness and separation at the same time is epic and wouldn't be the same without every single one of the YOU's out there. Thank you for reminding me to be guarded. Thank you for being a safe space. Thank you for the opportunity to stand my grounds and speak from my heart. Thank you for the exposure to your emotions so I can better understand where you are, whether I like it or not. Thank you for speaking your mind without me asking to put new thoughts in the mix. Thank you for answering my question and not getting defensive. Thank you for taking time out of your day to support and thank me. Thank you for ignoring the heck out of me on purpose or giving a snooty wink. Thank you for sharing that eye-contact and smile and we cross paths so I get a sense of acknowledgment. Thank you for dodging eye contact as it reminds me to hold my head high and inwards. Thank you for being you so I can focus on me. Thank you for rejecting me and letting me feel the result of my choices. Thank you for accepting me and reminding me where my strengths are. Thank you for not needing my approval when I am so focused on other things. Thank you for giving me a reason to say wow. Thank you for forgetting what was so important so I can re-analyze the emphasis we don't share. Thank you for remembering and going out of your way to be there. Thank you for not appreciating me because it provides me the opportunity to fill that space better than another ever could. Thank you for loving me just as I am. Thank you for being honest and direct so there is no room for assumption. Thank you for keeping secrets which would hurt me to know. Thank you for standing up for me when I am not around. Thank you for being the source of rumors to remind me what trust means. Thank you for taking from me without permission as the reminder that Yes I recover and had enough to give. Thank you for showing me exactly what not to do. Thank you for not showing up so I can redirect my time towards a reliable direction. Thank you for showing me just how many different lifestyles there are. Thank you for giving me and example to process what I am learning. Thank you for not letting me down and being present exactly when I need it. Thank you for taking the time to read this I appreciate your time. Thank you for choosing to tend to your own needs so than the well is full enough to share. Thank you for seeing beyond the surface. Thank you for being so shallow and simple. Thank you for your mindfulness. Thank you for being you. Thank you for opening up with your experience with such vulnerability. Thank you for seeing me and listening, thank you for reminding me to ask how you are. Thank you for all that your are. Thank you for sharing this moment of appreciation with me.

Thank you, there is so much to be thankful for. Thank you for being you.



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