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Idyllwild, California,  Idyllwild Real E

Idyllwild Elopement Officiate and Renewal of Vows.

Feeling the love?

Get married in versatile Southern California.

Idyllwild with all its splendor, romance and natural beauty welcomes you lovebirds in.


Specializing in secular and spiritual elopements and

vow renewals.  let's get ready to seal the commitment

with a kiss.

Renewal of Vows

Growing together as far more than best friends, living in sync until the end. We take some time now to celebrate the years passed and reestablish the strongest foundation built upon. is it  5  or 10 years Now? are y'all at 25, or proud to accomplish 50? I look forward to hearing your stories, wisdom and holding space to celebrate as you two doves reaffirm love.



The simplicity and intimacy of your private setting awaits the moment of making the love official. May this moment be unique, whether its at the mountain peak or in a field of lavenders, perhaps a lakeside or anywhere at all so long as it is with your new spouse by your side. Elopement is for the rest of you who see past traditions and into the mission of uniting fully and intimately with the one you love.

Make it Official


   Do you prefer a theme or nonchalant ? Have you written vows already? Shall there be a hand-fasting ritual, a special idea of your own or the classic exchanging of rings? Would you like the officiate to wear specific attire? Is this an indoor or outdoor vision? Will this be in an unusual location such as hiking to a magnificent view, or at a romantic private resort? Do you have some exciting weather in your vision, because the snow can't stop love? These are all questions I will be asking you upon your call. Gather your thoughts. 



Elopements are best if:

  • saving money is important, the cost of running away for an intimate wedding and honeymoon all in one is typically thousands of dollars less than a traditional wedding.

  • prefer to opt out the hassle involved with months of wedding planning.

  • you may be avoiding family arguments, especially if one partner's parents disapprove of their choice of    spouse, or if a divorced set of parents can't stand to be in the same room together.

  • y'all want a very small gathering of close loved ones only for a quick gathering then off to the activity with no decoration clean up or lingering cake or dance obligations.

  • if you want to hike up to a beautiful scene and marry in rare elevations.

  • when you both have already written your vows and simply need a civil marriage for record.

  • the mountains sound better than Vegas.

  • the lakeside, lavender fields, or any sweet spot surrounding Idyllwild is ideal just you two.

Before the ceremony, upon payment I attain all required information.

Elopement time duration varies depending on the vows and initiation ritual.

We will be signing all paperwork after the ceremony, at the time an immediate certificate is issued.

As the officiate, I send off the necessary forms to county and you receive conformation in the mail.

Elopement  = $350

* possible travel fees may apply, paid in person

* I keep simple one size fits all white dresses at hand


Renewal of Vows

Renewing your marriage vows is appropriate for married couples regardless of how long you have been married.

There are commonly cited reasons couples desire vow renewal ceremonies. Here are some of the reasons:


  • It is a special anniversary, such as your fifth, 10th, 25th, 50th, etc.

  • You have a new ring to share with your loved one.

  • The two of you want to make a public statement of your love and commitment to each other.

  • Friends and family couldn't attend your wedding due to distance or it being a small ceremony and you now want to share your vows with them in attendance.

  • You originally had a civil wedding, and you want to have a religious ceremony.

  • You originally had a religious ceremony and now want to have a ceremony that doesn't have restrictions that may have imposed.

  • You and your spouse have made it through a difficult time and want to start fresh.

  • It is time for a second or third honeymoon and the ceremony process is ideal for personal reasons and pictures to share with loved one who have witnessed your commitment through the years.

  • You now have the means to have the ceremony and reception you couldn't afford for your original wedding and would like and officiant to participate.

Imagine the day of reassurance as you and your spouse stand side by side with confidence

about the connection within the marriage commitment.

Basic information is gathered before hand upon payment.

Chose from scripts provided, some of which pair with your own personally written vows.

Whether you seek an exchanging of new rings, hand-fasting ritual (ribbon braiding rituals can accommodate children added to your connection), or a refreshed candleabar, let's celebrate the success of your relationship. Call it simple and intimate or dress up and throw a party.

I provide a certificate at the end of the ceremony and look forward to many more years to come.

Renewal of vows = $175

* paid in person

Vow Renewal

Thanks! Message sent.

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