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Military, First Responders and Their Family

Members of our nation's Armed Forces, First Responders, and their families serve and sacrifice a lot every single day. For all those who serve honorably in the military and as Peace Officers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Services, and their family members who support them and stand by their side,

I would like to recognize and thank you for your service, patriotism, dedication and sacrifice.  I enjoy working with clients who serve their country/communities, and their family members. And to show my appreciation, I gratefully extend to you a valuable 15% discount for all active or retired Military Personnel, First Responders, and their immediate family members.

Goddess Given Discounts

*Military ID is required at time of first appointment.

Refer a Friend

Small businesses benefit greatly from word of mouth.

When you refer a friend to any of my services you receive a discount.

After referring a new client to me for Energy Medicine, the next healing session coming in I take $5 off, just tell them to mention your name. This discount applies to multiple referrals and may be used as many times as you manage to spread the word.

With Life Coaching you get a 5% discount off you package when you refer a new client for Life Coaching. Since life Coaching sessions are prepaid this would apply to a re-up second set-up or may be used with Energy Healing as well. May be used with multiple referrals and combined together every time you bring in a new client.

Bulk Buying

When purchasing Energy Medicine Healing Sessions, especially the return clients and those who would like to include family, you may participate in the multiple prepaid session discount. The future appointments may be shared with family and friends via Gift certificates, simply mention the request. You receive a punch card which keeps track of the sessions used placed in your file. A gift certificate when issued counts as a session. (1 year until expiration) We have two options here. 

Purchase 10 sessions and receive 2 for free at a total of   over 21% discount

                                                                 10 sessions at $80 = $800 - ($80x2) $160 = $640 total

                                               Purchase 5 sessions and receive 1 for free at a total of nearly 20%

                                                                 5 sessions at $80 = 400 - $80 = $320 total

Senior Citizen

 We are ever so thankful for the contributions made towards bettering our world and the time invested in the generations coming to rise. You time here is appreciated, as we all know 'the number of our days are unknown.' Congratulations on successfully completing the first half of aging gracefully. All folks of the age 60 and older get 5% discount taken off the total amount of all services offered.

* ID is required at time of first appointment.

Children Going Through Divorce

The experience of divorce is one that tends to stick to children. With both parents making such shift it is no easy task being there for the child/children involved. To make this easier for you Mama's and Daddy's out there going through a divorce I offer a 25% off Coaching Services for Children Packages. Consider it me tipping in Half of both your Halves so we all come together placing a hand out for the next generation. This applies to all children Life Coaching Package Deals and may be used more than once.

* Discount are applied in person

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