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Coming into money or stepping into business. Where is the spirituality in the monies?

Committing to navigating the realms of wealth acquisition and entrepreneurial ventures while maintaining a rich spiritual life as a single mother is the theme lately. Seems fitting to document this and share :) This phase warrants exploration of the inner world in correlation to my reality. In today's dynamic world, the convergence of financial abundance and spiritual fulfillment is a delicate balance often sought after but rarely understood. This is a balance I strive for. For myself, embarking on this path, the journey involves unique challenges with belief systems revealed to me, triumphs through emotional patterns and desires, and the navigation of allowing in multiple income streams via the routines I practice, all while nurturing my children the best I can and avoiding burnout. Even with money, I seek a spiritually satisfying life first, I can not change this about myself. 

The Duality of Coming into Money and Stepping into Business

Coming into money or stepping into business can take various forms. For some, it may be a sudden inheritance, a successful business endeavor, or a windfall. Often, sudden wealth doesn't allow much time for planning or strategizing. Managing and wisely utilizing these newfound resources can be overwhelming. In many cases, those who come into money may not have prior experience or knowledge about running a business or investing, necessitating education or guidance on how to handle these resources effectively. I do acknowledge I got into real estate at an amazing time and learned very quickly how to manage the funds which have provided me with property, retirement options, a great lifestyle for my kids, and the ability to still run my healing business and be a mama. In a way, I came into money, kind of, even though it was through countless 12-hour days and nonstop action, it was rather quick. The point was that I splurged and blew more than I should have within a year, as with sudden exciting funds.

For others, it might involve gradually building a business from the ground up while managing household responsibilities and childcare. This purposeful path demands resilience, adaptability, and a strategic consistent mindset. Unlike sudden wealth, starting a business involves step-by-step progress, from ideation to execution, with milestones and challenges along the way. I've gotten a bit of a taste of both the last 5 years. Stepping into business often involves investing time, effort, and financial resources. We face initial losses before achieving profitability and before the necessary relationships are developed or nurtured to achieve the momentum in the monies we desire.

For myself, the process of acquiring/building wealth and establishing multiple sources of income often transcends mere financial gain. It becomes a journey of self-discovery, turns out I am capable of making 6 figures as a single mother who just so happens to have a rich spiritual life. Integrating spiritual values into financial decisions, whether in managing sudden wealth or guiding the direction of a business, is crucial for how I maintain alignment with personal values and understanding of karma and or ancestral healing. Wealth is more than funds and an account balance includes health, time freedom, purpose, and a personal alchemistic type of value in the actual work being done. More satisfying than the number in the account is who I am becoming along the way. Know what I mean?

The duality lies in the quest for material stability and earthly desires while nurturing one's spiritual growth and principles for fulfillment congruently. Money comes and goes, there are waves, not solid lines, and while it is said it can't buy happiness it sure does come close. So accept that making money is good for everyone around. 

Nurturing Spiritual Wealth Amidst Material Pursuits

While the pursuit of financial stability is crucial, maintaining a rich spiritual life remains equally significant for many others. Spiritual wealth encompasses inner peace, mindfulness, compassion, and a sense of purpose beyond material gain.

 It involves practices such as:

  •  affirmations or brainwashing yourself for success first

  • gratitude or"enjoying the process" which can be daunting and filled with uncertainty as we change our style, persona, speech, and knowledge we hold to align with financial success

  • and service to others, which may not present itself in an identifiable form right away. 

Simply put making money so many other people do as well in real estate. By providing healing skills so many people get relief, by me providing elopement services the love is spread. Lives are changed in many ways for the better the more funds come to me and through me.

Balancing material pursuits with spiritual growth requires intentional effort. 

Daily rituals, mindfulness practices, and participation in community or religious activities can help sustain a sense of spiritual fulfillment amidst the demands of entrepreneurship and parenting. From experience, without our rituals, we burn out. When overwhelmed, power-seeking ignites, and patience is threatened. This requires intentional effort to maintain. 

Moreover, integrating spirituality into business decisions leads to more empathetic choices, thinking the opposite of cutthroat where conducive to better the relationships necessary to prosper. Slay when necessary and take no hostages. As entrepreneurs we can foster a productive work environment deliberately, we can encourage responsible decision-making, and promote a sense of fulfillment beyond financial success via patience and consistency of a shared vision.

Navigating the long-term world of business

To be clear, this is more of an intention segment in the post while I have clarity on the business adventure set out before me, so I can refer back to this during challenges or questioning while navigating the world of business, especially with a substantial amount of money and significant capital. I hope to maintain a considerate and grounded approach. However, having several strategies can help protect the "opportunities for growth" and stay aligned with values in a world where the mantra "it's just business" often prevails:

1. Define Values and Mission: Clearly define your personal and business values. Establish a mission statement that reflects your commitment to compassion, integrity, and ethical practices. Ensure that these principles guide every decision and action within your business. Remember the clearly defined WHY.

2. Set Boundaries/Non-Negotiables: Identify boundaries and non-negotiables regarding the practices, partnerships, or deals you're willing to engage in. Uphold these boundaries regardless of the potential financial gain, ensuring your actions remain consistent with your ethical standards. Not all deals are worth taking.

3. Build a Supportive Network: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals—mentors, advisors, or business partners—who share your values. A supportive network can provide guidance, advice, and moral support during challenging business situations.

4. Due Diligence in Partnerships and Investments: Conduct thorough due diligence before entering into partnerships or making significant investments. Verify the ethical standing, practices, and reputation of potential partners or investment opportunities to ensure alignment with your vision. Reminder of the importance of this step future Brandi :)

5. Transparent Communication: Practice open and transparent communication within your business. Clearly articulate your values and expectations to employees, partners, and stakeholders. Encourage a culture of honesty and accountability and the shared mission of multiple sources of income to build wealth while causing no harm to others.

6. Legal and Financial Protection: Invest in legal counsel and connections who provide such, financial advisors who understand your tax concerns alongside a CPA. Protect family values with inheritance considerations at all checking points or major decisions. Establish robust contracts and agreements that safeguard our interests and uphold ethical standards for ourselves and our clients.

8. Regular Self-Reflection and Spiritual Practices: Dedicate time for self-reflection and spiritual practices and encourage others to do so as well as provide access to potential tools for success.

9. Flexibility without Compromise: Remain adaptable in your business approach without compromising your values. Embrace innovative solutions and alternative strategies that align with your ethical framework by allowing in new participants, and learning ways to keep up with times.

10. Exit Strategy Considerations: Prepare an exit strategy that allows you to gracefully withdraw from partnerships or business ventures that compromise your values if necessary. Having an exit plan in place can minimize potential losses. Always consider the golden half off and who will step into my role for future effort preservation. While loyalty is expected it is not assumed, that when participants exit it is for their greatest good. 

Remember without people there is no money. This is a human experience. Money requires relationships.


Remember, integrating consideration of people as a whole in business doesn't mean being naive or passive. It does not mean hesitation to cut losses. It means conducting business with integrity while striving for success for all involved. Ultimately, staying true to our values will not only protect our integrity but also attract like-minded individuals and opportunities that resonate with your ethical stance in our wealth-building approaches. Remember without people there is no money. This is a human experience. Money requires relationships. Relationships involve the spirit, it's inevitable.

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