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When you're "suppose to" feel shame...

Shame is a form of power play. Is not your job to identify the shamers motive, it is your duty to not feed into it. Keep your dignity intact. When you're looking at yourself and questioning whether you are respectable, if you have done something wrong when you made the best decision for yourself, wondering if you will be able to live up to others expectations and have been criticize or accused behaviors outside of how you experience situation. Shame becomes easier to recognize the more often you think before you speak. When your response is that of justifying, arguing, defending or explaining, as in getting jaded, then you just might be and the power play dynamic. It is human nature to judge, it is a mature mind to be able to decipher the difference in self awareness and codependency. As you practice being more mindful, and listening to hear other folks intentions it becomes much more clear when you are being shamed. Remember, you can take your power back, you can rewrite that narrative. Namely by focusing on yourself. You just made me surprised at what little you do have to say when deliberately not getting jaded.


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