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What Is Affecting You?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

What influences you?

Everyday we have input in and actions taken out. Consistent flow of #choices. Maybe it is a big #decision like wether or not to take that job or move. Could be a small yet important decision like what to eat or to stay up that extra hour at night.

Do you notice how a song on the radio or opinion of a friend has the ability to alter personal direction? Sometimes we even disregard intuition to listen the logical reasonings of why yes or why no as seen from someone else's "experienced" eyes.

Today let's set in motion the idea of not knowing the future and instead listening to what influences your everyday decisions. Nothing big happening here just noticing what your day is filled up with. This may be small thing like music, television, friends brainstorming, our schedules we must maintain and the comfort zone we find within them. These may also be bigger influences such as religion or non religion, astrology, economy, numerology, societal expectations, gender and all the other systems set in place with strong belief systems. The decision making process is rather complicated and so easily influenced. A great starting point is to realize where your power goes. Possibly we do not see all these as future building instead just routine.

What from this is being absorbed?

*Today I feel just a bit more protective of what I allow to influence me.

#AFFIRMATION: I do not have all the answers yet I understand my solutions may be different from others. I will turn the radio dial if my mind is wandering a direction I do not prefer especially the past. I am choosing what I fuel my body with more correctly because it makes a difference and I understand every body types demands something unique. I can crisscross and take the sideways with lots of creativity to get closer to my personal definition of success and fully see how different that definition may be different from another's. I am willing to take that extra moment to feel out the situation (the relationship, the job, the meal). I even recognize "this" and "that" can be done for the good of all. In this time of monitoring influence I am being more honest with what I truly desire my life to be like and most of all is accepting that others do not see deepest parts of me therefore have no authority.

#Self #Affirm: What I take in whether #physically, #mentally or #emotionally does effect my decision making skills which molds my entire #life and level of happiness with it.

Today I am seeing the difference in observing and absorbing and am willing to choose wisely. You have done nothing wrong, are perfectly acceptable and have massive purpose here.