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The best thing about achieving a goal ...

Just catching a glimpse of a #reflection on one of the computer screens as I am working now and this seems very fitting. I have accomplished everything wrote down in a goal journal 6 years ago, indeed I have more goals on top of that, yet being here is not exactly what I imagined.

The 'stuff' was a temporary satisfaction and now I am undoubtedly aiming for more. The acknowledgement from another turns out to be far less valuable than understanding why my perception is the way it happens to be. I mean no one can see my situations quite like I do, ya know. Priorities re-arranged, new methods of handling myself, different desires because I realize what it took to get here was straight painful and blasted my #comfortzone to pieces. Some #selfish #desires are not worth the trades that happens. Turns out we effect people in ways I didn't realize before. No one is here to stay always, no one is here to fit into the little story in our own heads and play some silly role we want them to. And goodness, just because we think it does not make it true. Different sphere-of-Influence as I stand in new more fitting roles within it. This stubbornness turns out to be resilience and strength is simply knowing when to control and when to let-go. Even some strong held beliefs have seen there expiration no longer being constantly activated.

What stays and gives me the sigh of relief and true satisfaction with everything that has happened and is happening is that face looking back at me and I actually approve. No one can take that away, it not determined by any one else, it so very personal no one could even understand how who I am now day to day was worth every penny lost and gained, every tear and giggle, every friendship that went through a challenges, every sleepless night and kid free weekend of nothing but sleep and now I get it .... The best thing about achieving a goal is who I become in the process.

What goal are you working towards? Are you ready for change? Once you open up you will get what you want. ... #selfdevelopment #GoddessGiven #ChangeIsUnavoidable Things always #Change #Goals #Success ... Photo Credit: Travis Cosentino You can get ahold of him to book your own custom photoshoot. You think of the theme and he does the rest.


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