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New form of solace

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

When change is guaranteed, and nothing will remain the same.

Several different phases have effected my personal spiritual growth.

Religion soothed me for years, all different branches. Astrology helped me through early parenthood and divorce. Psychology has provided great insight through both of those phases and those are only a few influences imprinting a mind. The Law Of Attraction proved an even stronger desire for peace of mind and less desire for control. Buddhism has it's place and much wisdom as well. Numerology has great insight too. Atheism is respectable as well as every single other belief system we take on to feel better. We all find what we need to beleive o feel better and everything is justifiable. There is not ultimate truth personal vice won't distort.

I love to hear what gets others through, even more so I love to learn with everyone about what is going on here.

The passion of the heart never ceases to amaze me. We find a truth and stick to it ... until we question it. Or at least for me an eternal seeker, a professional questioner and never ending researcher that gets exposed to more and more, often. The sense of connection never seems to leave the deeper parts of me no matter what my mind is believing at the time.

When you open up about your beliefs I am in awe of the emotional connection and want to know more. When you tell me, preach to me, talk to me passionately I receive your comfort as well as respect where you are and who you are. What I find more interesting than a RIGHT or WRONG is:

What do you stand for?
What are your values?

Noticing the varieties in philosophy surround all of us I also can not help but to notice an invisible structure guiding our choices and lifestyles. Each one precious and true to our own self, each one right and customized to our own personal experiences. An invisible psychological structure we live our lives by in all belief systems taken on ... called values.

It can be said we develop our values early on in childhood and do not have the power to change them. Some say we can identify and alter our core values, yet what matters the most on this "philosophy" I am extremely interested in, knowing I have seen no waiver in the frame-work of the decision making skills, is our CORE VALUES. Emotions seem to not even let us waiver outside of those invisible guiding value forces, which in a way is how heart and mind connecr and have learned to connect through the years.

Living a life based on values most certainly allows us to take back some power and most definitely is not for those who would rather have a good time and avoid looking in the mirror.

Knowing our core values gives a clear idea of our resiliency and life direction in all circumstances. It requires accountability, intimacy, honesty, and authenticity, with an after effect of self-acceptance and compassion for others.

For now, as all of the other 'under the surface stuff' is working it's self out, what we all have in common is our heart beats without being told to. We breath without asking to. We all have beliefs and emotions mixing up in unique ways throughout the ages this never changes, leaving imprints in our personalities and what we aim for. The connection is clear, the individuality even more so. Turns out that little voice within is worth giving a listen. What do you value the most?

What comes from the heart persists.

What is the framework your heart guides you through?

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