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I choose ...

Because I have a choice

choose _____... because I have a choice. Even when you seem stuck or option-less there is always a choice being made. When you have abundance of possibilities you still make a choice. How do you handle yourself? How do you respond with clarity? Do you understand your wishes clearly? Will you eat/drink that? Will you stay or go? Will you sell/keep that? Do you know how to say no? Stay up or sleep and the next day is effected. Wear this or throw on that and the mood is shifted. The question is 'What direction of change are you choices point towards?'

These little bitty decisions add up in the big picture. The daily rituals either maintain habits or are tools to create change.

In the end you are responsible for the choice made and the timing of them. Are you continually making the decisions necessary to improve your lifestyle and/or conditions within it?

What choice is necessary to make and what is not because you ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.


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