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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Where there is resentment or #vengeance and #anger there is a hunger to #forgive. An unsettling condition is evidence enough. Forgiveness is not a choice we make for the other person/groups sake. #Forgiveness is the choice to see the future as healthier, brighter and barely beginning to reveal possibilities. Taking each experience as a stepping stone that

reveals our true nature. Each experience as a stepping stone we move on from and into fresh and new.

We benefit greatly from self inventory. *What have I done to harm this person? *Does this criticism come from a need for correction or jealousy (imagined loss of love)? *Am I attempting to take responsibility for or control another persons actions/reactions? *Was amends/apology sincere and thorough? *Am I taking care of myself? *What DO I have to be thankful for?

Forgiveness strongly connects to a desire for peace of mind. Not needing to change or rearrange. Not wanting to blame or shame. There is no victim and no victor. Nothing

happened that should not have. Realizing we have no control in being subject to others gossip and assumptions. We have no control over what another thinks, says or does. In the midst of this realization, forgiveness is an agreement with self that no matter what "it" does, did, or will do I have strength that calls out to seeing through that. A strength called forgiveness at our disposal to help yourself foremost and others indirectly.

#Affirmation We all deserve forgiveness, it is birth right. We all are doing our best in a world where perfect is an opinion and struggles are real. We do not know other's deepest desires nor what it is like to be in their shoes. Experiences from the past are not a prison and nothing needs justification. Everything that happens for my own benefit and self realization. The future is unwritten and will bring exactly the circumstances and experiences perfect

ly designed for us to grow healthier and responding to this notion is right. Forgiveness knows purpose in all we have been through as perfectly designed for the road ahead. As we let go of how think it should be we can acknowledge our resources and guidance.

#SelfAffirmation I have made #amends. I forgive and learn

from the past. I appreciate where my life experiences have brought me. I am where I need be and it only gets better. I do not #accept the negativity or danger, I simply realize I have a choice and I choose to set #boundaries. I choose to not take hurtful words of another as personal. I choose to admit when I am wrong if I do the same. I choose to

call out guilt, blame and shame for exactly what they are and redirect my actions to silence if needed, appreciation if needed and with this I forgive. I forgive everything that was and will be. I forgive you for not forgiving me. I forgive those who do not see everything is exactly as it should be and within any circumstance I can be happy. Nothing has happened to me, everything happens for me.

#mindfullness #lifecoach #reminder there is a #healer in us all. #behaivors stemming from pain benefit from the counteracting actions of #love.


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