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Call me crazy

Updated: May 12, 2019

It is compliment on how creative the lifestyle and ideas I own are.

It is a remark of an outsider attempting to come to conclusions when they do not have all of the facts which lead up the statement.

It is a word so commonly misunderstood and thrown around in the means of defense.

Crazy has such a broad definition and such a short disposition to those using it.

Crazy coming from the mouth of another always has a personal relation to it.

It is crazy that I am being authentically me and going for it, it is wild that I love the view from my lens. It is amazing that I am here and have done everything I have and will only continue to do more. What is interesting is I think crazy is for those who are "uncontrollable", those who are "misunderstood", those who are "unlike you." Those who take action, those who speak up, those who rise up, those who are courageous, those who do not take any shit. The crazy ones most certainly live outside of the box and seem to gain attention. The crazy people are "un-tamable", are "leaders" and are most to often managing emotional discomfort in the middle of it all. Your solution does not work for them and your opinion does not influence them. Your ideas will not preach through a vision they hold (good or bad). The "un-teach-able", the "do not care" and you will be seen standing there calling them crazy looking CRAZY yourself.

Next time someone calls you crazy,

First off, "Who is the one talking?"

Second, "How often do you speak to that person?"

Third, ''What do think they gain from being a hater?"

and moving on to the last but not the least by any means is the most important questions of all:

What am I thinking?
What am I feeling?
What am I needing?"
And What am I letting influence me?"

We don't have time for all that any more so than a quick recap and expression in words here.

Now getting back to you, what is it you are doing at the moment to take one step, be it a baby step or giant leap, to the improved version of you?

Back to it!

You will be misunderstood, you will be talked about, you will be an object of attention and you will still continue to accomplish even given all of that.


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