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Values Matter

Updated: Mar 2, 2019


Those invisible psychological structures that guide our lives. Negator in our decision making skills, limiting factor for which boundaries are set or allowed to be crossed, proceeder of logic when emotions are flared up and we call them values. The individual custom structures upon which we build our lives that determine our methods of getting what we want. The 'frame-work' of our lives that seems to have no flex. What are you core values? Know this about yourself and you are on a journey with far more opportunities for peace of mind. #Values provide insight on judgments and, for me personally, provide insight that feeds compassion. Instead of placing judgment and assuming, we can see through discerning eyes which negates judgmental tenancies and opens to visual example of what makes people tick. I have this saying " Everyone is right." Or at least everyone can convince themselves and twist the situation for their desired outcome or find at least one person to agree with them. When everyone is right and the surface debate is gone, look beneath and see. We all have limits of what we will and will not do. We all have reasons that fully justify every action. We all are making attempts to get what we want because we think getting it will make us happier. Underneath the action and behaviors which encourages us to get jaded ... are values.

This applies to the motives of businesses as well. #CoreValues #ValueSystem #GoddessGiven #LifeCoach #Mindfullness #SelfHelp #Judgment #Compassion #shame #blame #discernment #empathy #selfwill abides.

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