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Traits of a Life Coach

by: Brandi Thomas

Below is a compiled list of the Traits and Qualities of a good Life Coach, while not all are naturally born into we can learn and improve on what I consider the most important traits a person must have in this field.

Feel invited to tip in with any thoughts and opinions about the topic below.

1. A deep desire to help

This is to state the obvious, but it is so important a trait for a life coach to have that omitting it from this list would have been an assumption that those considering pursuing the title of a Life Coach are taking it seriously. All of a life coach’s work is about helping people. Unless a life coach has a sincere and earnest desire to help people, his/her interventions will not be very effective and he/she will not be able to last in the field for long. Good and successful life coaches are people who took up this profession not to earn money but to help people.

2. Self awareness

Before setting out on a journey of helping other people deal with issues and problems they are facing in their personal or professional lives, a coach must know what he/she wants in life, how they plan to achieve your own goals, what their strengths and weaknesses are. A Life Coach must be aware of the inner self, of things that make them happy and those that are bothersome. Must be able to confront addictions and their own personal habits which needed attending to and moved through them. It is only when a coach has this kind of self-knowledge that one will be able to help a client become aware of their own self.

3. Integrity and high personal standards

Reputable coaches are men and women of unquestionable integrity. They are trustworthy in all cases and at all times, and have very high personal standards. Effective Life Coaches practice accountability for themselves and consideration for others. There is always a solution which can be found and is found within a moral code only.

4. Perceptiveness

Being perceptive allows a life coach to see things and situations with clarity. This trait enables coaches to understand the perspective of the client bei