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Superiority is a symptom of insecurities

SuperiorityComplex and holding

yourself as #Superior is a symptom of deep #Insecurities and lack of #Selfesteem. Truth is we may have became more familiar and comfortable with navigating our own experience yet to assume to know someone elses and down play their importance is an indication of weakness.

Healthy confidence focuses on your own path with no need for another to be less than. #Confidence and the #abundance we attain derives its value from the extent we can give. Are you willing to help others rise? When you do give the underlying strength of your self esteem is spread like a ripple. A secure person can witness another rise and share the joy, can support their development and not feel threatened. Can celebrate in others accomplishments and feel a loss of attention. Remember seek respect not attention. Remember self approval is longer lasting than exterior praise. Remember others opinions are based on their own experiences only and will vary since they are missing important facts. A secure person understands these concepts however it is their experiences teach them, be humble.

Lift others up. Give compliments, give smiles, show appreciation and accept that we are all here on equal grounds making the best of our struggles. We are all growing and learning in our own ways. We are all walking each other home as we choose which opportunities to take and a little positive re-enforcement goes a long way.

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