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Sitting with the Frog

Kambo Peptide Therapy

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Goddess Given, Brandi's healing experinces

What have I learned from Kambo?

How has the frog spirit changed me?

What are the results of high does of peptides in this form?

REMINDER: In my quest for self-discovery, a better understanding of why I am here, and specifically relief from debilitating migraines, I've sought out unconventional yet transformative methods such as Kambo aka "kissing the frog, or "sitting with the frog", which offers rapid detoxification and a profound reset. Entering into Kambo peptide therapy—an intriguing practice that combines the traditional Amazonian ritual of Kambo Sitting utilizing a unique combination of peptides collected from the sebum of a specific frog introduced into the body via small superficial burns, caught my eye about 2 years ago. 

One of the most fascinating components of Kambo is its interaction with peptides, small chains of amino acids that play crucial roles in various bodily functions. Peptides present in the Kambo secretion have shown remarkable potential in activating the body's immune system, detoxifying organs, and promoting mental clarity. These peptides work synergistically with the body, enhancing overall well-being and providing a gateway to a balanced state of existence. I call it DNA hacking and have been enthused to add this miserable process to the list of my self-care practices as a top DNA hacking process. I go back and forth with the spiritual side of this therapy and the actual peptide benefits which seem to have balanced my brain and emotional states in many ways. However you understand it, and whatever you are considering that led you to this page to take a glimpse into my experience, I wish you healing from what you seek. 

The journey of purpose and peace isn't solely about external practices like Kambo. It involves a deeper understanding of internal stressors, habits, and desires that influence our choices and behaviors such as those we have inherited via genetic inclinations, the desire implemented in us through childhood (the psyche), and our personality preferences (heart and soul). I could go on a tangent easily here with understanding the underlying mechanisms that govern our behaviors and choices in combination with stressors (identified and not) or emotional responses and each person's unique needs and preferences ... instead, I will assume there is a seeker in YOU reading this screen. If you are interested in my other practices, let me know. Self-awareness is not everyone's cup of tea, yet I believe Kambo has been a catalyst for change in my world. I will explain why.

The amalgamation of Kambo and peptides in a therapeutic context offers a unique opportunity for rapid detoxification. By stimulating the body's detox mechanisms, Kambo peptide therapy aims to purge toxins, boost immune function, and promote overall wellness. The swift action of peptides in this process allows for a quick yet comprehensive detoxification, potentially aiding in the elimination of physical and emotional blockages via its ability to cross over the blood-brain barrier and induce purging from deep within. There will be changes that occur by nature of the intensity of the detoxification process which will vary among individuals. Proper preparation and aftercare are essential for a safe and effective experience. If you would like a Practitioner recommendation in Southern California message me and I am happy to share. Please do your research thoroughly, this article is for entertainment purposes only. 

What have I learned from Kambo?

This is a cognitive or emotional awareness that I did not have a few years ago. By learning I mean knowledge gained. 

I am now aware of:

  • how we are designed to feel, or at least what feels right and healthy, whole and pure. Before sitting with the frog I was not aware of such a state of clarity and harmony. This is a new state of being I am blessed to have experienced. It was not until kicking my butt with Kambo that I experienced this state of lack of desire and total peace. 

Being single for years after fully identifying myself as a wife or "taken woman" for the majority of my existence, this opportunity has allowed me to make decisions and design a life that is custom to my desires and needs without influence. I have those folks who are around me who care, which are fewer than before who I confide in still, yet the freedom to choose is mine. Being reset by Kambo has shown me the emotional defaults in me, unfiltered and undiluted me. 

I have learned:

  • My definition of normal is different than others. We are NOT functioning from the same default, do not have the same resiliency levels, we do not have equal intelligence stats and this rolls into emotional intelligence abilities. 

  • I have been, for a while, a sucker for love, the blues, heartache, fighting for my worth, proving myself. This shows up in my choice of music, the reactions I've noticed in dating relationships revealed as codependency patterns and/or exaggerating or dismissing. Kambo has shown me the emotions I lean towards. Granted I have been sober most of my life and last few years have had an occasional drink there are many times I have written off this emotional addiction/default unknowingly assuming this is how we all live. This is not healthy.

  • Food and intake, not out of a desire for a different body exterior, instead I have seen in real time how directly connected my food intake and cravings are to emotional satisfaction within relationships. Blatantly it has become ridiculous to reach for the hot Cheetos and potato chips. Why would I do that anymore when I know what it is about! Intake is a topic I have questioned many times and have tried bout very style of eating possible. There were years of my life when I was a full-on vegetarian, admittedly not for humanitarian reasons, I simply got pregnant and did not want meat. I've been able to experience satisfaction from meat which my body specifically prefers not to be daily. After being conflicted on this choice for years to eat meat (or not), I now am settled about meat. Food has become insight into where I am at concerning my health. It is alright to stray, yet every time I do there is an internal imbalance within in me. Big deal for me to see the pattern in my eating styles. 

I have learned our body's ability to heal is far beyond what I understand. 

  • I've gotten sensation/feeling back in my leg. Little elaboration is I snapped my leg on a motorcycle and has a rod and screws set in place which previously left a "no don't touch that spot" type of nerve damage. This leg can now be massaged and I can wear many styles of shoes comfortably. Explain how ...?

  • After a tympanoplasty surgery a few years back I had an unusual after effect which disappeared after a session where Kambo went straight to that area. Cool!

  • Going from debilitating migraines multiple times a month that made me doubt life, (only a few will understand this type of hell), to a few migraines a year that I am alright to entertain for now as a reminder of where I came from. This is magic! 

  • The amount of anger I harvested after leaving my kid's father was unimaginable and I had no idea how I had gotten here. This internal storm was resolved through Kambo. Not hypnosis, not affirmations and therapy, and not by my direct willpower. True relief from the guilt of breaking a commitment occurred over the last 3 years, it is very difficult to put into words. Side note: Thank you to my therapist for showing me this unnecessary anchor over the last 8 years and helping me rewire in so many ways. Yet, I admit Kambo sealed this internal awareness like nothing else, tell me how? I don't know after years of effort to find peace about it, pretty amazing. 

  • Years back I would experience a low, I wouldn't consider it depression, just a different type of living I was not familiar with. I was drawn to Kambo for this reason also. I do not wake up with a physical "low" anymore. I thought well it must be a brain chemical balance issue that can be resolved with amino acids, proteins, peptides, and the like. My mornings are my version of normal again. Thankful and I do not need to know how or why, that was a worn-out old useless experience, moving on. 

I have learned my self-imposed limits are just that.

Really, I can handle more than I allow myself to be willing to try. "Charge the Storm", by this I mean, I do NOT look forward to Kambo, one time it has been a pleasurable warm fuzzy sensation and turned me on (literally) to my surprise, yet inevitably I despise throwing up. Purging and the intensity of sensations is difficult to willingly walk into. I know this going into the experience, and I still choose to participate. How interesting would it be to take risks with goals in this approach, the struggle IS worth the results. I limit myself to avoid pain, discomfort, and the unknowing.

Has the frog spirit changed me?

Without a doubt, I can not go back to however it was I used to think humans are to be living. Nope, we are intricate, unique, harmonious creatures by default. I have seen and experienced the type of vessel my body is capable of being. Pure, clear, and whole in perfect unity with the world around me, this forever raised the bar. There is no unknowing the realization of why I crave certain foods what foods are meant for my body and how quickly this changes. I thought I understood this before. I can not undo the depth revealed to me in which we are insanely different and do not have the ability to see the world exactly alike. 

This is not directly from Kambo solely, but more the experience accumulated over the last couple of years while allowing the frog spirit into my world which seems to have integrated previous/current spiritual practices of mine together. 

What are the results of high doses of peptides in this form?

This is where I want to direct your attention. Research the peptide combination, western medicine alternative attempts, and the specific chemistry of the frog sebum. Allow yourself to take a scientific approach to your decision to try Kambo and proceed cautiously. Do the research with respect to your body vs a demand to perform or change. How do peptides affect function?

Let me know about your experiences with Kambo!

I am booking my 5th sitting at the 2 1/2-year marker as I type this.

Energy Medicine and Mind Food, Brandi

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