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Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Respect Desirable, difficult to teach, easy to loose and appreciated by all. A common value which molds many decisions, is molded by ego and lays foundation for others opinions. We undoubtedly gain a greater sense of satisfaction as we practice self control and make the best decisions for ourselves. If you feel the daily decisions being made are irrelevant then consider how quickly any little squabbles may fade away when the bigger picture of sharing and caring is brought into conversation. The strength to refuse to be drawn into drama may be a challenge at times for us, yet, acknowledging which #relationships are healthy and which are restrictive allows us to regain a sense of self control. It certainly may not be easy and the effects not always immediate but sacrificing instant gratifications and fear of judgment for your desires or lack of is a heroic step towards self respect. Anyone witnessing such a #decision understands, appreciates and respects the other even more.