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Open Minded

Being open minded has alot to do with innovation. Creative endless opportunities are in your world at every direction, even if you do not see them. Follow the lead of your curiosity if not even just for a little bit, inquire to new methods you can implement.

There is an innate ability within ourselves to creatively, with ease connect to and tap into wild rearrangments of our circumstances.

If you have done it before and failed, guess what, you learned how to do it differently and may prepare for a new result.

If you know someone else who failed, well, they are not you nor in your specific position.

Never tried it before, it is a perfect opportunity to show yourself how capable you are and gain confidence.

Open mindedness provides mental space to NOT jump to conclusions based on your personal experiences. Being an open minded individual takes a lot or courage to step outside the comfort zone and take calculated risks. To take a leap with a child like wonder. A state of mind where letting go becomes grabbing ahold of new.

Being open minded requires you to think oitside the box and understand that what may restrict or limit others does not apply to you. Welcome in connections and tou will be surprised where it leads. Follow your inspiration. One decision now may effect awesome changes later. One choice now can be a door opening tomorrow. One questioning of habit can be a personal breakthrough. One mind changed can be a saving grace.

Everything changes, what determines your level of open mindedness to these changes in motion is how rigid your thinking is, being optomistic, taking chances and making new moves. New behaivors, different opportunities presented get thorough consideration, old worn out thoughts and patterns are long gone as your life is allowed to be filled with new. You simply let the worn out beleifs go and are free to imagine and daydream and roll around in creativity.

The unexpcted, the uncalculated, uninhibited curiosity of the mind is transformative.

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