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The Meaning of Wedding Rings

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Take a good look at how the wedding band is said to come to be and see why it's so very important in defining marriage.

As an officiate this topic is very dear to me. As a newly engaged woman, this concept is important for me to understand. As a mother, the tradition is a valuable one to share with those I brought into the world.

History and Origin of the Ring

When researching the subject it is very common to find the wedding band has grown graciously in importance from its Mythological roots.

The Ring is documented as far back as the Ancient Egyptian era.

The scrolls present beautiful images of vowing to a mate with a ring; smooshed metals molded to form and lovely patterns that twist and roll. These rings were not the typical ring we see now days. A ring would be made out of braided plant materials, bone or ivory and held symbolism of eternal and perpetual love. The Egyptians are said to be the know for placing strong meaning on the Circle/Loop shape for having powers which are never ending, therefore represent the eternal connections of the soul. The loop having no beginning and no end acted as the doorway to