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Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?

What exactly are your strong suits and weak spots?

Do you know your personal strengths and weaknesses?

Most commonly, this information is used for a job interview, or to get to know a potential mate better. Yet, what I am asking here is not to impress or get closer to another. It a question leading to a greater sense of self-appreciation and peace of mind.

The better we know ourselves, the more effectively we can make decisions, and after the fact understand why we chose what we did. The more we understand our-self, the less stress and anxiety we have looking towards the future. A greater sense of adventure develops when we have the courage to trust our strengths to guide us. Bravery to try new behaviors and step outside of our comfort zone grows with a bit of self-realization. Criticism effects us less the more intimate become with our flaws. Knowing our own strengths and weaknesses helps us to understand what we are sensitive to, and which areas to focus on for improvement in an uncomfortable circumstance.

Let's talk about personality and character traits

to better understand others and keep ourselves in check.

Here are some ideas to get you started identifying where you shine, and where you may need a little polishing up.

Organized Respectful Honest Trustworthy Enthusiastic Self-Disciplined Determined Creative Resourceful Loyal Confident Passionate Dedicated Patient Reflective Adventurou