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Brandi's Kambo Experience

As an alternative healing enthusiast, my curiosity immediately peaked on the day my bodyworker told me of Kambo. Kambo found me. While this ceremony is not for everyone, I encourage all to do their due diligence if you consider the option thoroughly before booking a session with your chosen Facilitator.

The frog 'spirit medicine' is intense, unique, and will affect you in unexpected ways. The potency found in the frogs' peptide secretion combination has not been successfully replicated in any Western Medicine practice. Specifically researching peptides and understanding your fortitude limits will help you narrow down if this experience is right for you.

Please do your research, know the contradictions, and now I share my story. :)

This view is focused on sensation I experienced. While there was action, movement, support and methods is place from the practitioner I seem to remember how I perceived my body as the highlight of my experience. Everyone will have different experiences.

Preparing for my second round of Kambo, (schedule 3 days after the first) was very easy. I had been taking it more easy already. The foods I was willing to eat were limited. Not because it would make me sick, simply had no desire to eat much. I made a big veggie soup in the crockpot which we ate off of for a couple days. I had fruit and protein smoothies. The extra effort put into preparing for round two was by minerals, electrolytes, again juicing celery and cucumber the at bedtime the night before, and making sure not to push myself physically or mentally. Intention wise, I was amazed at how in just a few days I felt, reacted, and was able to think in ways I had not experienced in years. By that I mean, happier, less stressed and open minded. My intention at this point of 3 days after Kambo is to continue to do work.

Without much time to process the first round I showed up for Kambo as my schedule is permitted. The second time I was still just as nervous. No two sessions are the same. Although the 'fear of death' diminished, the process is very intense as I had already experienced. Going in with the willingness to surrender to the medicine is vital I believe. I had not been able to identify exactly what was changing, yet I trusted and still do trust the changes are good and necessary on my journey. My goal was to continue to detox in whatever way my body saw fit.

BEFORE KAMBO: Sananga and Rape`, yes, please. In the nose it goes, and why did I not sniffle is up right away. I don't know, still hits pretty hard, which made me cough a bit. Next nostril and get it all under control. The amount was not increased yet this Rape` went to work immediately. I laid down willing while my entire body was snapped directly to the moment. It is real jolt to head. Kind of dripped down into my throat abit so I had to spit, not unpleasant or anything. It is as if my body wanted to float laying there, or sink, hmmm where did the ground go? The sensation is indescribable. So unique and I do not have anything to compare it do. Very comforting. I laid there saying "Wow" as it became more intense. I could feel every inch of myself very full, alive and inside of myself. The Rape` fades away and Sanaga is administered. It stings on an extremize level. This time I was instantly emotional. I had a challenge to get the desire to weep in check. The Practitioner assisted me with breathing and we cleared the block out. It is amazing how as I am laying there ... an usual detachment happened with the emotions coming out of me. 'I' was not crying, my body was upset. Focusing on the big breaths in and out is necessary, I realized with the help of the healer as the acid like sting faded to a tingly buzz. It doesn't sting in a way that it makes me want to grab and rub my eyes. Not as if the body wants to reject the drops the way it is when Jalapeno accidently gets into the eye. It sting in a squeeze the eye shut immediately kind on way, which makes blinking a struggle, or at least for me. Stings more than jalapeno too. Instead of the Sanaga going to a specific areas as I rolled my eyes around it seemed to fill up my entire head this time with a quick moving energy. It is very lively and quite the opposite from Rape`. This all caught me off guard, being emotional that is. I laid there in awe at how quickly my body reacted to the eye drops, especially after being so relaxed. Sobs were like ruffled feathers in me and the feathers snuck their way out. Taking a bit longer to get myself together and sit up was no big deal, I simply laid there a little longer..

DURING KAMBO: Three Gates were opened, the clavicles and lower midback, grieving locations I was told.. Stings a bit when the Kambo gets mixed into the raw flesh. The burn is more painful than the sting of the Kambo. With these three gates all at once, whoa, the sensations came on so fast. I do not even remember it spreading, the Kambo simply turned on and cranked up in my entire being from everywhere. Holy-moly, I was hot, heavy feeling, nauseous and a moment happened when I was thinking, "What did I do this for, no no no!'' Very different than the first time. My hands did not go stiff and I was alright with moving around this time. Getting my legs comfortable was awkward. I adjusted myself a few times. My skin got a bit itchy or like fuzz feeling. My eyes were so heavy and watering. The intensity was overwhelming and there is no arguing or resisting it.. Knowing the purge will come I kept close to the bucket. I had a whirlwind of emotions in me, a tornado of confusion almost with what to feel. Then, bluuuhh out the water comes. My body felt tired. I began to sweat. Puddles is how to describe the amount of sweat. I was already in a bra on top due to the location of the gates and my bra was wet. My pants were soaked, I noticed, as I purged and drank some more water. This was less throwing up than the first time and multiple times more of sweating. It seems the purge was through my skin. I kept drinking, yet I could sit with the water longer than the first round of Kambo. I did not have as intense of a desire to throw up this time either. My neck filled up and got so hot and I clearly saw my blockages in my head and neck like a lop sided ball of black spaghetti. I couldn't dismiss the vision. It was time move something around there. My neck got tired to the point of wanting to lay down. I was rocking forwards and back on my arms wondering if I had to throw up more. My body felt so thick, hot, heavy and pouring sweat. I would pick the water up to drink more and the natural inclination to gulp down just was not there. So I took smaller drinks and sat with the sweat lense. Allowing some kind of energy mass to move around inside and sink down to the bottom of my stomach, then out. I opened my eyes during this ceremony, not paying attention to what I saw rather I didn't keep eyes closed as the previous ceremony. At one point, I became a little dizzy, I remember looking up (not sure at what) and when my head lowered the desire to lay down became so strong. I thought, 'okay, stick with it a bit more, then it will be time to lay down'. One more little throw up came out. The medicine was taken off of me. I sat for a second wanting to throw up more but ended up laying down after asking the practitioner to move the bucket. I kerplunked onto my pillow and sweat drenched cover. I purged 4 rounds and the Kambo was on for 18 min.

MEDICINE REMOVED: Laying flat on my left side. I was not comfortable I leaned into the ground and rolled forwards more in a fetal position. I was so hot and so heavy. The leg where I have a rod and screws began to fill up with massive ball of fuzzy light. Literally it felt like fuzzy light and at one point like I had a lot of hands on me. I got the sensation my leg was disconnected again (as it did when it snapped). Touching my leg to see if it was still solid crossed my mind and I reminded myself to not be silly, besides it was so heavy I did not want to move at all. It became a sensation that overtook all sensation as I laid there completely focused on my lower leg. I wiggled my ankle with effort as the leg humm began to fade away. Afterwards my mind did not wonder, I laid there considering how different this round was. I needed more room to breath so I rolled over directly on my side vs leaning into the ground. I am not sure if I fell asleep or not honestly, my mind turned off. What woke me up was the goosebumps on my skin. Which leads to me holding myself and rolling over to my back. On my back I was not quite ready to sit up so I listen to my breathing and scanned my body, which was very relaxed. My neck had zero tension, my shoulders seemed a little further from my skull. My leg was longer, felt possible. I did some Reiki on myself. a few movements which came natural and voila I was back. All energized, sitting up cold reaching for my puddle blanket. Whoa, my hair was wet, my pants were sticking to me. My stomached felt a little odd, even given the shaky tummy, the herbal tea went down fine. I was not as awake as last time, yet was more clear of the mind. Maybe that is how newborns are? A clear mind with no unnecessary chatter. The Practitioner and I talked, then the ceremony was completed.

AFTER: The drive home was very slow. I was amazed at how little I blinked as well. Being very focused on driving and the temperament of the other drivers. Why are they in such a rush and so tense? The noises were vibrant. I sank into the seat quietly the whole way home. This was a morning session and a whole day was ahead of me. At work completing task was easy. A coworker made a comment about me being deep in thought, truth was that I was not actually thinking about anything. Rather sitting there peacefully waiting on an email to return. My appetite really kicked in and I headed home for some soup. The day was set to be determined by what I chose to do, as in no set appointments on my calendar the remainder of the day. What did I choose to do? Take a nap. Let it be know I am not a person to take a nap. I only nap when I am sick. I slept for about 3 hours, woke up hungry and thirsty. Not have a task at hand or being onto the next project before I have left what I am doing is unusual of me. Multitasking is my lifestyle. This day was different though. I was overcome by a sense of calm, quiet and peace which I did not want to disturb.

In summary, what I have learned from Kambo is:

  • the default emotional state of my being

  • the pivot point when I get off balanced and go from enthusiastic to overwhealemed.

  • what it feels and looks like to be in harmony with reality

  • the anchoring piont of anxiety if from expectation I picked up through experiences

  • it is my duty to maintain, nuture and understand my nervous system and digestive system. My body talk to me through theses channels.

  • I can effectivley manage more than I assumed I could before.

  • Philosophies change.

This is not addicting by any means and is very intense. The understanding of how the peptides are capable of reforming and rearranging out cellular data storage is the reason for going back again.

Do you research, every ones experince is different. I enjoy sharing mine.

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