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The more frequently avoidance behaviors are practice the less confident and secure you will be in your ability to express yourself thoroughly and in a timely manner.

That comfort zone will continually be tested even if you avoid right now.

That which you resist will persist.

The instant gratification senses when avoiding an issue, and opportunity, or any topic/relationship needing address, is just that, temporary. Self-sabotage does come in many forms.

Maybe you afficiate on a distraction and are merely procrastinating handling your correct posture within the world. The distraction will pass, the opportunity may pass, the relationship may cease, yet the most important aspect to being in future circumstances where you get the urge to avoid remains the same. The aspect of your self-esteem, self-worth, and ability to maturely live an authentic life.

Even if that particular challenge is out of reach, you will have the opportunity to work on any avoidant patterns again soon.

You can heal this dynamic piece in your psyche and develop the emotional maturity to act with courage and wisdom.

How long are you choosing to avoid?

Why are you avoiding?


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